It is with great pleasure and pride that we at UnionThree SARL announce the launching of our Annette's Specialty Dough - Caringly Low Carb Brand. We specialize in the production of a wide range of low carbohydrate baked products, and have recently began with the release of our Low-Carb breads and our Low-Carb Ready-Mix Flour in the Lebanese market.

For the past two years, we alongside an international team of endocrinologists, nutritionists, dieticians and food technologists have been working on the development of a flour low in starch content that would help create bread that would be suitable for diabetics and pre-diabetics alike. In this light, we successfully developed a low-carb flour with carefully selected high-end ingredients directly imported from the US and Europe, to not only be able to reduce our exclusive flour's starch content, but to also ensure that we provide the best in quality.

In our Low-Carb Products Range, you will certainly find much satisfaction in their taste and fineness, but also, and most importantly, you will find that they contain the lowest possible grams of Net Carbs. We guarantee not just our results which were achieved from a long process of lab tests, but further attest that you will not be able to find any other products available on the market with such end results. This is our solemn promise!

More and more Endocrinologist all over the world are inclined towards a dietary prescription of a low carbohydrate diet in the treatment of type 2 diabetes in order to achieve a better glycemic control in the patient, sparing the use of medications and preventing weight gain. However, the most challenging aspect of this diet for diabetics, is their inability to eat bread, which has become an important addition to our daily eating habits, and so fail to meet the required dietary prescription. Arabic bread, for example, has one of the highest glycemic indexes among food items, and it is just something that we cannot do without as part of our traditional Lebanese eating habits. With Annette's Specialty Dough Low-Carb Arabic Bread, diabetic patients can now enjoy their daily bread without any threat to their health and in fact helps them in tackling this serious condition.

We constantly and carefully monitor our production ensuring quality control at every level, from starch levels, to taste and cleanliness, and further certify that the stringiest quality control policies will carry on in the future with each and every product we will be developing and distributing in the market.

We conclusively believe that each of you will appreciate the benefits of all of our products.

UnionThree S.A.R.L. is a privately owned company that has innovatively created and currently exclusively produces the Annette's Specialty Dough Low Carbohydrate Flour made from the finest specialized ingredients imported from the USA and Europe. Upon the creation of the Annette's Specialty Dough Low Carbohydrate Flour, U3 confidently resolved to enter the baking industry, and target the low-carb baking goods market. In return, U3 has generated healthy low-carb recipes for an entire line of products. UnionThree S.A.R.L. continues to invest in the development and expansion of its guaranteed healthy low-carb production line with the stringiest health code regulation as well as with an extra touch of care.

We are caringly Low-Carb!

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